Glossary of Terms

Aligned Essence works with your consciousness to engage the energy system’s healthy aspects for release of disease or trauma.

Your aura is your personal energy field surrounding your body. It contains the blueprint for your life.

An aura intuitive senses into your Human Energy System to become aware of how well the various aspects – aura, chakras, and meridians — are functioning.

Chakras are energy centers where the meridians meet in a pulsing vortex of sending and receiving energy.

The Enneagram is an ancient system of understanding people based on where their attention goes and what motivates them, consciously and unconsciously.

Foreign energy is not of you, though it may find its way into your aura or chakras.

The Human Energy System consists of the aura, chakras and energy meridians.

Life Centered Therapy is a powerful form of self-healing guided by your body’s wisdom. It works with your unconscious and your energy field.

Meridians are the energy channels of the body.  Your energy circulates through your meridians to nourish the systems of your body.

Spirit is what I call the Divine working through me to know how best to work with you.



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Aligned Essence CDs

The Aligned Essence series helps you develop personal resources to reclaim your inherent wellbeing. The series teaches three wellness practices. Each uses your consciousness to work with your human energy field and its healthy aspects. Disease and trauma carry a vibration distinct from that of wellbeing. You learn how to change a disease vibration to match a vibration of balance.

A central tenet of Aligned Essence is the body’s ability to heal. The three practices are Accessing of Perfection, Releasing of Trauma, and Return of Essence.

Accessing of Perfection guides you to work with disease by first developing your awareness of vibration. You come to know how your aura and consciousness communicate.

Releasing of Trauma helps you to heal by dissolving energetic trauma patterns. You are able to work with whole systems of your body or a specific trauma. You learn more about how to work with your aura.

Return of Essence teaches you skills to mediate disease, trauma and imbalance. You go deeper, focusing on addictive patterns and chronic disease.

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