Energy Awareness Healing

Energy Awareness Healing

What It Is

Energy Awareness Healing consists of four healing modalities: the Human Energy System, Life Centered Therapy, Aligned Essence and the Enneagram.  I utilize these modalities to work with your energy body and consciousness in order to enhance your wellbeing.

We are energy beings in a physical body.  Issues or limitations sometimes persist because of an underlying cause in your energy body or unconscious.  I work with Spirit to apply Energy Awareness Healing at root cause. Energy Awareness Healing facilitates a subtle yet essential shift in you.

The quality of your Human Energy System is apparent to me. As an aura intuitive I sense into its various aspects – the aura, chakras and meridians – to assess the integrity of each and whether or not repairs are needed. Spirit is what I call the Divine working through me to know how best to work with you for your highest good.

The Human Energy System is recognized by ancient Eastern and Native traditions. The aura holds seven major energy centers known as chakras. These chakras are energy centers where the meridians meet in a pulsing vortex that sends and receives energy.  If chakra energy becomes impaired, an imbalance may result, and contribute to a misalignment in body, mind, and spirit, causing illness.

Your aura is your personal energy field surrounding your body. It contains the blueprint for your life. Your aura also contains the energy of past memories, which may affect your present wellbeing, health and happiness.

Meridians are the energy channels of the body.  Your energy circulates through your meridians nourishing all the systems of your body.  Meridians are susceptible to blocks and damage which may weaken them.  Vital to the Human Energy System, the meridians are thought in Chinese wisdom to be the web of life.

Clients may experience a freer flow of energy with Energy Awareness Healing or ease where before there was stagnation or limitation. Issues may be brought to light from the unconscious enabling clients to more directly address them.

What People Say about Energy Awareness Healing

Several years ago I had a desire to share my art with a broader audience. I knew of Gerry’s background in arts management and Enneagram coaching, and I had an intuition that together we might be able to develop creative ways to address the personal blocks I was experiencing.  Gerry’s gentle and insightful guidance, practical assignments, and spot-on sensitivity to my needs as an artist opened pathways for me to move forward in the work.  It is now out in the world in meaningful ways, and I am delighted with this new and wonderful expansion of my life.

BMS, Artist, Prescott, AZ

Gerry’s intuitive use of Life Centered Therapy to help me uncover – and shift – patterns that were no longer useful put me in touch with the areas of my life that were in need of healing.

JH, Fayetteville, AR

Inspired in her guidance with a divine gift, Gerry has led me in several journeys with  Source which have unmasked areas of connections to find clarity and light in my own knowing and give me peace in my life’s path. Truly remarkable and enlightening.

LY, PhD,  Charleston, SC

Sample Client Experiences:

Client #1: A client was frustrated in his efforts to write. We did a Life Centered Therapy session to release an unconscious event from an earlier age blocking his inspiration. After balancing the energy of the event, my client reported a renewed desire to complete his writing project.

Clint #2:  An individual came to me because of pain in her left leg. I was able to release blocks in her energy meridians and repair a chakra so that energy was again able to flow freely.  These interventions to the client’s Human Energy System supported her body’s capacity for wellness and relieved the pain she was experiencing.

Client #3: A woman was concerned about a challenging relationship at work.  I found her 5th chakra was impaired, affecting her voice and ability to send and receive information. Following my work with her Human Energy System my client described a shift in her communication. Pleased with the improvement in her professional relationship, she chose to deepen her understanding of herself and others. Coaching with the Enneagram provided self-awareness so she could see and modify troublesome behaviors. The Enneagram taught her compassion for other people’s patterns and perspectives. She experienced the Enneagram as life-changing.

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Energy Awareness Healing