About Gerry

The Arts and Cultural Director for the City of Mesa (Arizona), I led the team that built the $96M Mesa Arts Center.  After retiring in 2007 I redirected my focus toward inner work — for myself and for others.

My appreciation for the arts connecting people through creativity and performances, morphed into a passion for helping people connect with their subtle inner knowing and body’s wisdom. While I relied heavily on my left brain skills in Mesa’s Cultural Division, I now open to intuition and to Spirit to help people enhance their self awareness and their core potential.

This transformation in me began with my certification to teach the Enneagram in 1999. I am also a certified Enneagram coach, throughGinger Lapid-Bogda. Learning to understand the unconscious core motivators within all of us created in me a curiosity: What else unseen and unknown runs us and limits us? Thus began a personal journey to learn how each of us can release limitations and tap into our inherent “wellbeing.”

My quest led me to additional certifications in Life Centered Therapy and the Human Energy System.  Sensing that well being is within each of us, my colleague, Rosie Carey and I, co-created with Spirit, the Aligned Essence wellness techniques and educational CD’s.

I serve on the board of The Narrative Enneagram, an international nonprofit whose mission is to teach the Enneagram and certify instructors and coaches.  The Enneagram system of personality identifies people’s psychological structure and transformational path to spirituality.

An early love for piano motivated me to earn my BM in Music from DePauw University in Indiana in 1975. My MA in Arts Administration from Indiana University was awarded in 1977. A resident of Cleveland, I remain a devoted student of yoga and Spiritual QiGong, while continuing to practice piano and ballroom dance so I may again wear my purple sequin dress in a rumba competition.

I have had the privilege to work with Gerry on a number of occasions using different healing modalities. Gerry is a kind, wise and gentle healer. She is gifted with the ability to assess her client’s needs, listen with compassion, and to offer healing techniques that are powerful and transformative. I have worked with Gerry in person, which is a delight as she is very attentive, understanding and compassionate. I was thrilled and relieved that she could provide Life Centered Therapy and support to me over the phone. The powerful healing I received working with her was immediate and lasting, for which I am deeply grateful. I highly recommend Gerry as a healer, teacher and guide. I trust her intuition, wisdom, counsel, and dedication to serving others.

DC, Coach, Phoenix, AZ

Work with me

Natural healing may occur in layers, not unlike the peeling of an onion. Spirit helps me to know where to start to best serve you.

As an aura intuitive I am able to sense into your Human Energy System and become aware of how well its various aspects — aura, chakras, and meridians — are functioning. Working with Spirit, I ask to create a field with you. Once a field connects us, I am able to sense into your energy and ask Spirit how Energy Awareness Healing will best serve you. In this way, we determine which of the Energy Awareness Healing modalities is for your highest good.

I then guide you through a process whereby I may ask you questions, or I may simply work in your Human Energy System to remove blocks. I describe my work as I go. It is painless for you, even relaxing, and often clients feel an immediate shift as energy work is being done.

Life Centered Therapy is a powerful form of self-healing guided by your own body’s wisdom. We bypass your conscious mind and work with your energy field and unconscious. Your highest priority intention reveals a limiting story or belief. Spirit helps me determine specific interventions to clear your issue so it no longer affects you.

When you work with me to learn about the Enneagram, I first conduct a typing interview to support you in identifying your primary type. In following sessions I teach you about your type and coach you in ways to use the Enneagram for your personal or professional development.

Some modalities, such as the Enneagram and Life Centered Therapy, may best support you over time. Packages are available for those who desire multiple sessions.

I work one-on one with you by phone or Skype. Sessions last 50 to 90 minutes.


Contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation:  Call 480-688-8056 M – F, 10 AM – 5 PM EST


Individual Sessions

Life Centered Therapy will help you release unconscious blocks to conscious intentions. This powerful modality, created by Dr. Andrew Hahn and Dr. Judith Swack, uses muscle testing to bypass the conscious mind and access stories and beliefs stored in the body. I clear them at root cause so they no longer impact you.  Root cause may be in another lifetime. Muscle testing is a means of determining what is true for you. Truth typically tests strong in your body and auric field.

The Human Energy System will help restore to wholeness your energy body. The Human Energy System consists of the aura, chakras and energy meridians.  Chakras can become damaged and meridians blocked or broken, affecting the body’s ability to heal. My interventions put the body’s energy system back online.

The Enneagram will help you become aware of your unconscious personality construct. It is an ancient system of understanding people based on where their attention goes and what motivates them, consciously and unconsciously. The Enneagram identifies habitual emotional and mental patterns and their automatic response.  As you become aware of these predispositions, transformation comes about.

Workshops and Groups

I teach Aligned Essence wellness techniques:

Aligned Essence wellness techniques were co-created with my colleague, Rosie Carey.

A central tenet of Aligned Essence is the body’s ability to heal itself. Disease and trauma, for example,  have a vibration that is contrary to your wellness vibration. Practitioners learn how to work with consciousness to engage the energy system’s healthy aspects for balance and release of disease or trauma.

I teach public Enneagram workshops and provide Enneagram training in the work place:

The Enneagram identifies nine view screens on the world. It teaches self-understanding and compassion for the eight other ways of perceiving and responding to life. The Enneagram powerfully facilitates high-functioning teams in the work place. Communication is more effective, and the Enneagram enhances human potential, resulting in exemplary leadership.

Want to understand more? Click here for a Glossary of Terms.

Energy Awareness Healing