Gerry Fathauer’s Energy Awareness Healing works with your energy system to help you optimize your life and wellbeing. Gerry is an aura intuitive, unique in her ability to know how best to work with you. People come to her when other approaches have been unsatisfactory.

Do you have less energy than you’d like? Do you feel stuck in your profession, or are your relationships challenging to you?  Do you have a sense that there must be some hidden reason for a persistent issue you’ve tried to resolve?

Energy Awareness Healing gets at underlying root causes of dysfunction, habitual patterns, frustrations or symptoms that no longer serve. While you are a physical being, you also have an energy body. Neglecting the health of your energy body can affect you in ways that manifest physically, mentally or emotionally.

Why Energy Awareness Healing?

As an aura intuitive, Gerry has the ability to sense and repair problem areas in your Human Energy System. She works with Spirit to know how best to serve your wellbeing. The basic components of the Human Energy System are the aura, chakras, and meridians. These can become blocked or impaired, affecting your energy balance.

In addition to the Human Energy System, Energy Awareness Healing encompasses the modalities of Life Centered Therapy, Aligned Essence, and the Enneagram.  Life Centered Therapy accesses your body’s wisdom to remove unconscious blocks.  Aligned Essence works with your aura to utilize your personal vibration of wellness. The Enneagram is a system that understands self and others based on where attention goes and what organizes you.

In the 25 years I've been working in the healing field, as both a practitioner and a client, I seldom find a practitioner like Gerry. She has a true and humble desire to be a channel of healing for her clients.The integrity and clarity with which she practices the Life Centered Therapy protocol enables a person to unlock ( access) and reclaim parts of themselves that restore a lasting wholeness. My personal work with her has been profound, soulful, life changing. It has been my honor and blessing to work with Gerry.

CW, Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer, Wells, VT

I have had the privilege to work with Gerry on a number of occasions using different healing modalities. Gerry is a kind, wise and gentle healer. She is gifted with the ability to assess her client’s needs, listen with compassion, and to offer healing techniques that are powerful and transformative. I have worked with Gerry in person, which is a delight as she is very attentive, understanding and compassionate. I was thrilled and relieved that she could provide Life Centered Therapy and support to me over the phone. The powerful healing I received working with her was immediate and lasting, for which I am deeply grateful. I highly recommend Gerry as a healer, teacher and guide. I trust her intuition, wisdom, counsel, and dedication to serving others.

DC, Coach, Phoenix, AZ

People may come to Gerry because…

  • They’re exhausted. Removal of foreign energy in the Human Energy System or repair of energy that is damaged or blocked frees the flow of the body’s own energy.
  • They have a mental or emotional block to a conscious intention, such as selling one’s artwork, publishing a book, or moving forward in a relationship. Life Centered Therapy bypasses the conscious mind and accesses your body’s wisdom to find a limiting story or belief. Interventions specific to you relieve your block.
  • A challenging relationship has risen to the level of dysfunction. The Enneagram, a powerful tool for building relationships in families or the work place, provides a deep and compassionate understanding of self and others.

Who Will Benefit?

  • You, if you have a relationship that challenges you
  • You, if you are a professional wanting to actualize your work or career
  • You, if you are a Human Resources professional wanting to improve work place morale and effectiveness
  • You, if you are single and looking for your own happiness before seeking love
  • You, if you are an artist or creative person who feels stuck
  • You, if you are a caregiver seeking renewal while caring for a sick family member

Want to understand more? Click here for a Glossary of Terms.

Energy Awareness Healing